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Courage Triathlon

On August 24, 2019, PCIRC participated in the Courage Triathlon at Lake Almanor. The run benefits girls who have been sex trafficked. Proceeds to go Courage House. Please see their website at:

Courage House is not just a structure or building, a program or approach; it is a place where hope is given, healing is offered, and lives are restored. We believe it is never too late for an individual—especially a child—to be rescued and lovingly restored to a life filled with hope, purpose, and love. Since 2011, Courage Houses have been open in Northern California and Tanzania, Africa and our goal is to expand and open a home in every city around the world that needs a one. Hundreds of thousands of girls across the U.S., and millions around the world, need a safe place to call home and someone to call them family. Many of the girls are runaways because of their life of abuse and sexual exploitation. That is why we RUN…so they don’t have to! Come run for courage with us!

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