Ohana House

“Ohana means family, and family means
nobody gets left behind or forgotten”

Ohana House is an emergency and transitional housing model for adults aged 18 and older, and is open to Plumas and Sierra County residents.  Ohana means “family” and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. PCIRC believes this name is appropriate in providing an emergency/transitional home for adults needing such support. 


Ohana House provides an on-site 24/7 house manager and mentor and utilizes a comprehensive case management plan with wraparound services to assist youth in achieving their educational goals to graduate high school, navigate college and career plans, and achieve permanent and independent housing.  Each participant receives assistance in accessing needed health, mental health and wellness services and assistance with program eligibility and needed paperwork to access social service and financial benefit programs.  All program participants are required to take part in weekly life skills classes, budgeting workshops and community service activities to further increase their knowledge and abilities for successful transition.  Ohana House residents have the opportunity to participate in a plethora of experiential learning opportunities to help support their journey.

Pictures of the Ohana House Garden 2019

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