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Foster and Homeless Youth Success Project

PCIRC's Foster and Homeless Youth Success Project provides a full-time Foster and Homeless Youth Success Liaison to engage and work with current and former foster and homeless youth both on the Feather River College Campus and through PCIRC's Family Resource & Wellness Center sites.  The program anticipates achieving a high level of success for foster and homeless youth as a result of these new and consistent comprehensive services. 


The program offers foster and homeless youth access to increased case management, educational and experiential learning opportunities, and college and career supports. Additional activities include one-on-one peer counseling, career coaching, leadership development, certification and internship/employment opportunities for youth transitioning from the foster care system. Foster and homeless youth will have the opportunity to access an array of additional support services offered through PCIRC including housing, food security, health benefits, physical and mental wellness and emergency/crisis services.


PCIRC, Feather River College and the Plumas County Office of Education’s Foster and Homeless Youth Services Program serve as collaborative partners in the Foster and Homeless Youth Success Project.  PCIRC staff provides services to youth who are preparing to exit the foster care system or who have already transitioned out of the foster care system.  Eligible Youth will include Wards (300 cases), and Dependents of the Juvenile Court (600 cases).  Effective strategies and promising approaches aimed at improving outcomes for foster and homeless youth nationally address the following five areas and are aligned with the services proposed herein:


  • Education – Promote educational attainment, HS Diploma/GED, higher ed

  • Employment – Connect youth with employment and career development

  • Housing – Enhance access to safe and stable housing

  • Health Care – Help youth access and manage health care

  • Relationships – Support youth in building stable and lifelong relationships


For more information regarding The Foster and Homeless Youth Success project, please contact Kris Guess at PCIRC at (530)283-5515.


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