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Each Mind Matters

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Twitter:  @EachMindMatters

In rural communities, individuals experiencing mental health challenges often have greater barriers and instances of stigma and discrimination due to the small populations of communities and generational biases. Each of the three main categories of mental health-related stigma including public, institutional, and self-stigma exist in rural communities.  Limited mental health support services, employment opportunities and housing options reflect further discrimination for those with mental illness in rural counties seeking recovery.


Mission: PCIRC will work in close collaboration with the Plumas County Behavioral Health Department and other community partners to expand the reach of the Each Mind Matters Program through outreach, community education and engagement.  This program will promote the importance of stigma reduction in our rural communities and will stress the need to engage in a shared vision of physical and mental wellness for all community members.  Mental and physical wellness for individuals translates to healthy communities as a whole. Envisioning change, collaborative partners will raise awareness through education and community engagement across each community in Plumas County to deliver a message of hope and recovery.

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