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Application Process


Step 1: Application screening with PCIRC CalFresh Team


Step 2If eligible, complete and submit application with PCIRC CalFresh Team.


  • Although the online version is available, we encourage you to apply online with the help of the PCIRC CalFresh Team.


Step 3: Once the application is received through online submission, your 30-day time frame begins.


Step 4: You will need to complete your INTAKE INTERVIEW by phone or in person.


  • Your county social service department will either call or mail you a date and time for your INTAKE INTERVIEW.

  • Let the PCIRC CalFresh Team know if you have not heard from the county within the first 7 days.


Step 5: During your INTAKE INTERVIEW, you will need to provide verification documents (for example, copy of ID, PG&E bill, pay stubs, financial aid award letter, etc.) within the 30-day time frame.


  • The PCIRC CalFresh Team can help you gather all documents, copy and fax verification documents to the county.

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