Plumas Crisis Intervention 

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The Resource Center in Quincy is currently operating at Level 2 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This means the building will be kept secure and access will be by appointment (call 530-283-5515 to set up) as much as possible (or by knocking on door).  In addition, the following accommodations are being made:

  • Provide parking lot pickups and drop-offs as practicable.

  • Conduct all meetings by phone or videoconference unless physical presence is required.

  • Continue decontamination procedures.

  • Limit lobby/laundry/shower facility use to one person at a time.

  • Staff work from home to extent possible when in-person interaction is not required.

  • Maintain a log of all people who enter the facility.

  • Take temperatures of all people who enter the facility using non-contact thermometer. Those with fever will be referred to Public Health for followup.

  • Direct all clients to restroom for handwashing immediately upon entering facility.

  • Staff will be encouraged to wear surgical or fabric masks and gloves during direct client interactions to reduce transmission.

“When you need a hand up, PCIRC is here for you.”

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